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Ok, once again, my dear journal, here's the poop:

My scanner...was taken from me...by...my father...Oh...my...GAWD! *half dies half sobs*
Without my scanner, I. can't. scan. ma. PICS!

Fuck...(excuse my French, it just comes out sometimes...)

Life is so mean to me! Im tellin' ya. seriously. I've been nagging my dad..but...no such luck.

Alrighty, ma fanart.

My Journal ain't nothin' fancy. Obviously because my computer skillz are rusty and polishing is wanted. I really couldn't be stuffed learning Photoshop skillz and yeah. So...Fanart, yo! (no, Me not american -_-)

Naruto!Edo! Jump, boy, JUMP!

Newsie!Edo as the people of LJ say...


Hughes with a tubbo-ice-cream!

Highschool stereotypes...Skater!Edo

My later fanarts are...nothing special...but look at them, only because I tell you to!

Casual Clothes Roy

Movie!Ed on his way to the other side of the paper

Movie!Aru with spear!

Military!Envy oO shoot me now!

I always draw...but hardley scan, either because
-They suck
-My computer is refusing to talk to me (its over! *slap*)
-Couldnt be stuffed
-Im currently not in the country XD
-My couch has forced me to remain lying on it as well as watching TV at the same time...well...thats what couches are for...
-Couldnt be stuffed x 2
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